• Posted February 21, 2017


Fillmore Central FBLA members recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Future Business Leaders of America by holding several activities during FBLA Week, February 5-11. For the past 75 years throughout the United States, FBLA has assisted its members in preparing for the future. Historically, the local chapter was chartered in 1974 initially as Geneva FBLA. In the 43-year history of the chapter, it has only had three advisers: Bonnie Sibert-chartering adviser, JoAnn Trumper and Cindy Talley.

The organization builds a program of work around service, education, and leadership opportunities. FBLA Week is just one of many activities conducted throughout the year. The chapter kicked off February by attending UNL Business Competition Day which was held the week before FBLA Week actually occurred. The officer team followed the successful excursion to UNL with a plan for a full week of activities which began on Sunday, February 5. A social media challenge was encouraged where members shared their FBLA story by posting pictures and comments.

On Monday, February 6, the annual fun meeting was held. Although some business was conducted at this meeting, its primary focus was to relax with food and fun activities. The group had a friendly game of FBLA/business quiz bowl after enjoying walking tacos and desserts. Stephanie Babella showed a powerpoint on the history of FBLA to help prepare students for SLC competition. The annual balloon stomp challenge was won by Ryan Poppert.

Fun activities throughout the week consisted of a guess the number of candies in the jar contest and promoting FBLA around the school by hiding candy under classroom chairs. Wednesday was member appreciation day where members were given treat bags.

A big emphasis of the week was the Go Green project. Members created posters and badges and provided trivia facts daily in the announcements. The inner-school recycling program conducted by the FBLA saves thousands of pounds of scrap paper, catalogs, newspapers, etc. from going to the landfill every school year. School staff and students were encouraged to recycle on Thursday of the week and to wear green/brown to school.

Friday of the week focused on professionalism by asking members to wear dress attire to school. Saturday the focus was business appreciation. Members posted appreciation messages on various local business Facebook or social media pages.

FBLA will continue to be active throughout February as we will join FFA and FCCLA to continue to recognize Careeer and Technical Education Month with a career speaker activity and recognition rally.

  • Posted January 18, 2017


The annual Fillmore Central FBLA Middle School Dance was held on Friday, January 13, at the downtown gym from 7 to 10 p.m. The dance is held each year by the FBLA as a school service project in addition to a fundraiser for the March of Dimes and FBLA Foundation. This year over 125 middle school age students were in attendance. FBLA members in attendance provided snacks and games in addition to showing off their dance moves alongside the middle school students. Such an event would not be possible without adult support including Ben Kaye-Skinner who served as DJ for the night lighting provided by Bill Reinsch. Chaperones Becky Adkisson, Misty Adams, Sandi Coon, Melissa Myers, Kim Shaner, and Erinn Wulf. and Cindy Talley, organizer of the dance.

  • Posted December 6, 2016

Fillmore Central FBLA American Enterprise Project

Fillmore Central FBLA members are learning that following a healthy lifestyle has a positive result on the economy and workplace. As part of its American Enterprise project, the organization sponsored a school-wide fitness challenge. For four weeks this fall the group worked with Jenni Hoarty of Fillmore County Hospital to sponsor “Panther Fitness Poker”. Each of the seven officers randomly selected teams made up of elementary, middle school and high school staff members along with high school students.

The fitness challenge had a different goal each week such as hydration (drinking at least 64 oz. of water five of seven days), improving sleep habits by getting seven hours each day, avoidance of soft drinks and energy drinks, and lastly following safe driving habits by eliminating cell phone distractions and buckling one’s seatbelt. The committee members through the guidance of Jenni set a goal that 75% of each team’s members would have to meet the goal to draw a card. At the end of the four weeks, a fifth card could be earned by taking a distracted driving quiz. By the end of the challenge, two teams had earned a full hand, but the team consisting of Maggie Maffin, Kristina Smith, Sydney Hiatt, Abbey Parten, Sophia Frook, Sydney Schelkopf, Jeff Wusk, Susan Biba, Darcie Baltzer, Doreen Schelkopf, and Kaela Lockhart emerged as the winners. Weaver Pharmacy agreed to be a business sponsor of the event prizes.

In addition, the group wanted to share the message of how making wise health choices daily can eliminate work and school absences, improve productivity and happiness, and decrease overall health costs. Craig Johnson, Senior Consultant with Holmes Murphy based in Omaha was invited on November 15 to be the keynote speaker at the annual MoneySmart meeting held at 6:30 p.m. at the high school library. The students enjoyed his informal approach in sharing many facts about wellness programs and health costs.

As a follow-up the FBLA sponsored a daily fitness trivia question contest pitting first period classes against one another to arrive at the closest response to the actual answers provided by Mr. Johnson. Facts such as the number of employers now providing fitness programs (90%) and the number of pounds gained by the average person over the holiday (8) were shared. Participation in the daily question challenge was excellent and was a fun way to get the entire school body involved.

The American Enterprise committee plans future educational activities for winter months so they can continue the effort to inform students and adults about the American Enterprise system.

  • Posted November 1, 2016

FC FBLA Members Assist with Community Projects

If walking around the business district between 4 and 5:30 p.m. on Halloween, one would have encountered 17 FBLA members stationed in front of local businesses assisting with Scare on the Square. The annual event sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce is just one of many service projects the FBLA helps with throughout the year. This year’s helpers were Katie Peterson, Skye Long, Alexis Rocole, Tahawni, Meyers, Maddy Bonin, Braden Myers, Ethan Reinsch, Faith Lauber, Elise Frook, Sophia Frook, Kristina Smith, Brock Godown, Caleb Gardner, Jordan Stephens, Stephanie Babella, Marisa Gewecke, and Tori Stoldorf.

The ending months of summer and first quarter have found the Fillmore Central FBLA members supporting the community with a variety of service projects. In late summer, six members assisted at the annual downtown sidewalk sale by hosting children games in front of two local businesses. A few weeks later members also assisted with the Verizon Back-to-School Backpack Giveaway by handing out bags, serving slushies, and other assigned tasks.

Late August found several members assisting at the annual Heritage Carnival by manning a wide variety of games including a duck pond, clown beanbag toss, and various games of skill.

Throughout this time, the officers have been working closely with the China Luncheon committee in preparation for the tenth annual luncheon planned around the theme of “Sentimental Journey”. Several members have volunteered to assist at this event scheduled for November 5.

Community service is a very important component of the Fillmore Central FBLA’s annual program of work. Each month the group plans to assist with Save for America in addition to future holiday events sponsored by the Chamber.

  • Posted April 20, 2016


Legacy of Leadership was the theme of the 2016 FBLA Fall Leadership Conference held on September 27 in Kearney, NE. The Fillmore Central officer team along with two additional members and their adviser, Cindy Talley, attended the all-day event which provided information for effective leadership.

The day began with keynote speaker Josh Erickson sharing his message on how students can effectively communicate to achieve an active leadership role. Mr. Erickson also later shared tips on dinner etiquette. In the morning, the state officer team presented the state goals for 2016-2017 along with holding respective officer workshops for the local leaders. The afternoon ended with leadership workshops addressing topics such as the FBLA Foundation, American Enterprise, utilization of social media, and FBLA state and national programs.

The Fillmore Central FBLA officers have been busy implementing all the ideas they received at the conference to build an effective local program of work. Those serving as officers this year include Stephanie Babella, President; Aaron Poppert, Vice President; Alia Hurst, Secretary; Darren Shroyer, Treasurer; Maggie Maffin, Reporter; Amy Maciel, Historian; and Ryan Poppert, Parliamentarian.

  • Posted April 20, 2016


Fillmore Central Future Business Leaders of America brought home several chapter awards in addition to qualifying two members for national competition at the recent State Leadership Conference held in Omaha. Eighteen members from Fillmore Central High School participated in the three-day conference held April 7-9 by attending general sessions and professional development workshops, competing in various business events, visiting the campaign and college representative booths, and electing the 2016-2017 Nebraska State Officer Team. Adviser Cindy Talley along with chaperones, Tabitha Babella and Caitlin Moore accompanied the group.

Fillmore Central FBLA was once again honored as a Gold Seal Chapter award winner at the State Leadership Conference. This distinction is only bestowed upon the top 10% of chapters in the state that have completed an extensive program of work as shown by the annual report. Jacob Nutter qualified for national competition through writing the Local Chapter Annual Report which earned a third place. This report will be submitted to compete at the National Leadership Conference and will make the chapter eligible for the Guy Kitty Hollis Award of Merit. Stephanie Babella and Katherine Schoenhals also earned a top five finish on the American Enterprise report which addressed “Shopping Locally.” After submitting their project, the girls made finals for which they prepared a seven-minute memorized multimedia presentation.

Other chapter awards included the Go Green Award, Feed Nebraska, March of Dimes, IGive, Connect2Business, Seven Up, StepUp2Tech and Friends of Foundation recognition. Fillmore Central also received the Sweepstakes Award which is based on chapter participation in ten activities as prescribed by the state office. Chapter attendees proudly wore the nine chapter project ribbons they had earned through these projects.

Other prejudged events included Quality Member and Who’s Who in FBLA. Five officers were named Quality Members including Jacob Nutter, Alia Hurst, Stephanie Babella, Maggie Maffin, and Katherine Schoenhals. President Jacob Nutter represented the chapter in the Who’s Who event.

The parliamentary procedure team earned a second place award based on their performance of a properly conducted business meeting. Jacob Nutter served as the chair, Stephanie Babella as secretary, Aaron Poppert as treasurer, and Caleb Gardner as member.

Several members received recognition in individual events. Alia Hurst will be representing Nebraska at National Leadership Conference as she placed first in Public Speaking I. Stephanie Babella placed sixth in Public Speaking II. Sophia Frook placed seventh and Maggie Maffin placed eighth in word processing. Braden Myer received eighth place in FBLA Principles and Procedures. Students receiving honorable mentions included Maggie Maffin in FBLA Principles and Procedures and Introduction to Business Procedures, Noah Temme in Impromptu Speaking, and Katherine Schoenhals in Job Interview.

The chapter nominated Dawn Temme as a Star Volunteer of the Year who was recognized at the Saturday Awards Session. Dawn has been a loyal supporter of the chapter as three of her children have served as officers. She has helped sponsor many events including the Middle School dance and China Luncheon table.

Sophia Frook, Maggie Maffin, Braden Myers, and Ryan Poppert represented the chapter as voting delegates. They took extra time to meet officer candidates and attended the final voting session. Adviser Cindy Talley also served as co-chair of the Job Interview event and received a 30-year recognition award.

The FBLA Chapter will celebrate its achievements by holding the annual Honors Program on Monday, April 25. Local outstanding and quality members will be announced in addition to installation of the new officers for 2016-2017. National competition will take place in late June in Atlanta, Georgia.

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