• Posted July 12, 2017

2017 Sports Night - sunday, july 30

The Fillmore Central athletic department will be hosting a 2017 Fall Sports night on Sunday, July 30 at the high school in Geneva. The event will begin at 5:45 p.m. and conclude with individual sports meetings. Here is an outline of the evening activities:

5:45 – 6:10 p.m. – Parents/students necessary forms into individual sports tables. Activity Handbook Signature page, NSAA Participation form, NSAA Student and Parent Consent Form, and the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Clearance signed by your physician.

6:15 – 6:45 – Speaker

6:45 – Individual Sports meetings with coaching staff. (Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Softball)

The Fillmore Central Athletic Booster Club will be selling their athletic apparel that evening. We hope that you will support them and become a member of this group. In closing, if you can not attend on July 30, you must be sure that the forms are turned into the athletic office prior to your son/daughter attending practice.


  • Posted August 7, 2017

Macey novack artwork selected for nebraska calendar

Macey Novak had her artwork selected for The 2018 Nebraska: Don't Waste It Calendar. She was one of 13 students selected out of 1,500. The students whose submissions were selected were invited to a ceremony at the State Capitol on Friday August 4, where they were honored by Lt. Governor Mike Foley and NDEQ Director Jim Macy.

  • Posted July 12, 2017

Peter and wendy - children's theater audition & Performances

Open to students entering Grades 1st-12th. Performance supports a cast of 50-60 students. Auditions are July 17th from 10a - 12p at the Rialto II Theater and you must stay for the entire 2 hours (per Missoula Children's Theatter guidelines). First rehearsal is July 17th from 12:30p - 2:30p at the Rialto II Theater and pizza will be provided. Second rehearsal is Tuesday 18th - Friday 21st 10a-12p and 12:30p - 2:30p. Please bring your own sack lunch, morning and afternoon snacks will be provided. Performances are Saturday, July 22nd at 3p and 5:30p at the Rialto II Theather, free will offering.

  • Posted May 18, 2017

circle of friends

Circle of Friends End of Year Activity at Dairy Delight Celebrating a Successful School Year!

  • Posted May 3, 2017

Bench Press Club and Elite Clubs

This year, in cooperation with the athletic programs, the Weightlifting class started a Bench Press Club and Elite Club, to get students more involved in lifting and to motivate them to improve their strength. To be a member of the Bench Press Club and Elite Club there were some requirements the students must achieve in different lifting exercises. For the Bench Press Club each student completed a one-rep max. The different levels for the boys were 200 lb Club, 250 lb Club, 300 lb Club, and 350 lb Club. The different levels for the girls were 115 lb Club, 135 lb Club, and 150 lb Club. This year we had 12 students earn t-shirts in recognition of attaining a bench press milestone.

Cutter Howell- 200 LB CLUB (200)
Daniel Andrews- 200 LB CLUB (200)
Trevor Swartz- 200 LB CLUB (205)
Parker Trowbridge- 200 LB CLUB (215)
Isaac Klar- 200 LB CLUB (215)
Donnie Rose- 200 LB CLUB (245)
Riley Moses- 300 LB CLUB (315)
Jordan Adams- 350 LB CLUB (365)
Jamey Broman- 115 LB CLUB (115)
Sydney Schelkopf- 115 LB CLUB (115)
McKenzie Scheil- 115 LB CLUB (115)
Alexis Schmidt- 135 LB CLUB (140)

The Elite Club is much tougher achievement to attain. The Elite Club combines the bench press, squat, and hang clean lifts. For a boy to get into the Elite Club, they total amount must equal 1000 pounds or be at least FIVE TIMES their body weight. For a girl to get into the Elite Club, their total amount must equal 600 pounds or FOUR TIMES their body weight. We had three individuals make the Elite Club.

Riley Moses- 1000 lbs
Parker Trowbridge- 700 lbs
Jamey Broman- 400 lbs

  • Posted May 3, 2017


The Circle of Friends groups are opening a series of wrapped boxes with oven mitts! The activity will continue until all the prizes are unwrapped!

  • Posted April 26, 2017


The Fillmore Central Staff Advisory Committee decided that after the success of the December FC Gives Back Event that we would have a FC Gives Back - Spring Edition. Students and teachers were divided among five locations: Heritage Crossings, Outdoor Classroom, Boys' Pond, Gazebo Park and Courthouse, and downtown landscape beds. The primary objective was to do spring cleaning and leave these outdoor areas looking better, after they left. Some of the activities included: planting flower bulbs, picking up sticks and branches, removing weeds and leaves, and pruning trees. The students and staff also picked up litter as they walked to and from their locations. This was held on April 21, to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, and to utilize student time while many students were competing at District Music Contest that day. Fillmore Central Staff already have ideas on how to grow and improve this event for the future.

  • Posted April 12, 2017

NEBRASKA geographic bee

On March 31, Ty Schelkopf - a 5th grader at FCMS - competed in the 2017 Nebraska Geographic Bee on the campus of University of Nebraska-Omaha. Ty is the son of Doreen and John Schelkopf.

  • Posted April 12, 2017


The fourth graders visited the Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln on Thursday, April 6. The students toured the Capitol and watched our state's legislature in action. They finished their trip with a Valentino's pizza lunch and a tour of the Governor's Mansion.

  • Posted April 6, 2017


April 3 was Autism Awareness Day at Fillmore Central Middle School!

Circle of Friends participants wore their new April is Autism Awareness month t-shirts! Circle of Friends participants gave a puzzle piece sucker, a pen and sticker to every student and staff member during Pride and staff members received puzzle piece lanyards.

Students and staff wore "blue" to "light it up blue" to celebrate April as Autism Awareness month.

  • Posted February 21, 2017

7th grade roman museum

7th Graders in Mr. Lauby's World History class recently completed their Ancient Rome unit. Students created artifacts and displays to represent Ancient Roman culture. Artifacts included: Aqueducts, Roman Colosseum, Shields, Mosaics, and Roman Coins.

  • Posted March 21, 2017

food & nutrition class

The Food & Nutrition class finished up their unit on Meat by preparing a marinated pot roast. This normally less-tender cut of beef was tender and tasty after being marinated overnight. Even some who were skeptical of the mustard in the recipe found it delicious!

Photos: Jayda carving one roast. Leo carving the chuck roast.

  • Posted February 21, 2017

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, and Fillmore Central’s FBLA, FCCLA, and FFA are observing it in numerous ways. Although each organization has a different academic focus, they all share components of service, education and leadership in their programs.

This year in conjunction with CTE Month in February, the 100th legislative anniversary that initiated the federal investment in secondary vocational education (now CTE) is being observed also. The Smith-Hughes Act helped to not only establish funding, but it created the framework and standards for quality secondary agriculture, business, home economics, and industrial arts programs.

CTE programs are a vital part of the Fillmore Central curriculum that prepare students for jobs in a wide variety of fields. Over the years, many changes have occurred including titles of programs and policies. A visit to the high school will find students utilizing language arts, mathematics and scientific knowledge in many of their CTE courses. Dual enrollment has become an option and students gain valuable leadership skills through their involvement in the three career and technical student organizations available.

On February 15 in celebration of the month, 27 local businessmen and women were invited to visit the school to share their knowledge and advice to the Fillmore Central student body. Students were asked to select a career panel to attend out of nine available offerings. Most of the speakers shared that communication and speaking skills valuable skills needed in the workplace. They encouraged students to get involved and put their entire effort into doing the best at whatever they choose to do.

Panelists attending the day included: Dayle Harlow, Heather Broman and Aislee Grant-accounting and business management careers; Kyle Bonin, Shelbi Palensky, and Josh Turner- entrepreneurship; Shaun Farmer, Christin Lovegrove, and Megan Nunns—hometown opportunities; Kyle Kimbrough and Keith Shellhase-agricultural mechanics; Mike Grothe, Chad Engle, and Dr. Halden Clark-animal science; Reid Baumgartner, Todd Burda, and Charlie Barbur-plant science; Patty Roper Epperson and Glen Loontjer-textiles; Jill Schmidt, Jenni Hoarty and Brenda Kowalski-food and healthy lifestyles; and Whitney Peppard, Heidi Lightwine, and Cherie Domeier-human services.

  • Posted February 1, 2017

Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends groups at Fillmore Central Middle School learned how to handle social situations by participating in a Kahoot activity!

  • Posted January 4, 2017

7 FC Students receive dance for grants

Kirby’s School of Dance, "Dance For Grants" program has awarded seven Fillmore Central students over $1000 grants. These grants provide their dancers, classmates and teachers with funds for classroom necessities and educational supplies. Two recipients from FC Middle School: Addison Wolf - $100 and Karson Myers - $350. Five Recipients from FC Elementary School: Aubrey Frey - $50, Hailey Frey - $250, Allie Myers - $150, Addison Treinen - $100 and Hannah Myers - $100.

  • Posted January 4, 2017

Booster club burger feed

Fillmore Central Athletic Booster Club Charburger Feed: Saturday, January 7th from 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. in the High School Cafeteria. Fillmore Central Girls & Boys Basketball Games are against Superior WIldcats. Come out for a meal and support the FC Athletics! Merchandise will be for sale and coats will be available.

  • Posted January 4, 2017

Fall 2016-17 Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association (NCPA) Academic All-State Awards

The Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) is pleased to announce the student recipients of the Fall 2016-17 Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association (NCPA) Academic All-State Awards. Since 2006 this NSAA Award Program has recognized students who meet the criteria for nomination by their school in the season of their activity. Fillmore Central student-athletes that meet the criteria were:

  • Boys Cross-Country - Adam Hoarty and Garrett Whitley
  • Girls Cross-Country - Grace Jacobson
  • Football - Kole Karcher and Aaron Poppert
  • Play Production - Corey Maloley and Chandler Schelkopf
  • Softball - Sydney Schelkopf and Alexis Schmidt
  • Volleyball - Macy Scott and Aiwa Temme
  • Posted December 22, 2016

FC High school basketball boys visit the elementary students

The boys spoke about the importance of academics, holding onto your dreams, working hard to improve as athletes and thanked the elementary students for coming and supporting them at there games.

  • Posted December 22, 2016

other various activites today at fc

  • Posted December 22, 2016

a visit to heritage crossings

We had a great time at Heritage Crossings Assisted Living. The students visited with residents. They talked about their families and past Christmases. The students were very very kind and respectful.

  • Posted December 22, 2016

a visit to fairview manor

Fairview Manor group-We delivered 7 cases of fruit, compliments of the FFA. Students played bingo, checkers, other games, and visited with the residents.

Sponsors: Mitch Lockhart, Dave Seggerman

  • Posted December 22, 2016

students decared trees for businesses

FCHS students designed and decorated pallet Christmas trees to be donated to local businesses.

  • Posted December 21, 2016

Concert Choir Performs at Heritage

The Fillmore Central Concert Choir performing for the residents of Heritage Crossings this morning.

  • Posted December 20, 2016

Hat & Glove Drive

Student Council/National Honor Society held a hat and glove drive. Donators could wear ugly Christmas sweaters. Students and staff participated.

  • Posted December 15, 2016

Fillmore Central Middle School Circle of Friends

The three Circle of Friends groups at the Fillmore Central Middle School ended the semester with “Unwrapping the Prize Ball.” A variety of prizes were wrapped in 200 yards of plastic wrap. One student unwrapped the prize ball until the next student rolled a double on the dice. If the student unwrapped a prize, they kept the prize. Some students received lots of prizes and some received one or none! What a great opportunity for students to practice sportsmanship and when a student received no prizes – the others in the group (on their own) offered some of their prizes!

  • Posted December 13, 2016

thank you dennis for your service to our school district

Last night was Dennis Domeier's last board meeting after 24 years in the Fillmore Central and Geneva school districts. We presented Dennis with a plaque, lifetime Activity Pass, and celebrated with a cake provided by Jana Schelkopf.

Dennis was elected President of the board in November of 1992 and began serving in January of 1993. Dennis served as President of the Board in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2012, and 2013.

We want to thank Dennis for his leadership and support. He has made every effort to do what is best for students. He has made voting decisions and comments based upon careful thought and consideration; and not on the emotion of the moment. He has been a quiet, calming voice of reassurance over the years. Dennis is well respected by his fellow board members, the administration, and the community that continued to elect him. We have enjoyed working with him, and wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

If you seen Dennis at anytime, please thank him for his service to our School District.

  • Posted December 6, 2016

FC Applied Communication Develop Games

Seniors in the Fillmore Central Applied Communication class practiced their technical writing skills recently when they were challenged to design an educational board game for the lower elementary-aged students. After discussing various standards for core subjects, three teams of students started work on designing game ideas complete with written instructions. The result was three very different games. Ivy Salmon, Misty Casper, and Andrew Koca designed a science game developed for Kindergarten students entitled, Epic Flower Challenge. Madition was a math-related game involving dominoes designed by Donnie Rose and Tommy Tinsley. The third game called Gumball involved the 100 Awesome Words that the first graders learn throughout the year and was designed by Alex Reinsch and Alex Salmon. Besides designing and writing the game instructions, students had to write memos to the company CEO (Mrs. Talley) sharing their progress, concerns, etc. Each student ended the unit by writing an investigative report sharing the results of field-testing the games with Mrs. Myers’ Kindergarten class, Mrs. Betka’s first grade class, and Ms. Alf’s second grade class.

PICTURE CAPTIONS: Alex Reinsch and Alex Salmon observe and collect data on how successfully the first-grade students can play their word game.
Second grade students work with Applied Communication students, Tommy Tinsley and Donnie Rose to play the domino math game.

  • Posted December 6, 2016

$200 to local rotary coat drive

Fillmore Central Education Association (FCEA) representative Denise Betts and Treasurer Cindy Talley recently presented Rotary Club President Dave Frook with a $200 check to support the local Rotary Coat Drive effort.

  • Posted November 29, 2016

middle school circle of friends group

The Middle School Circle of Friends groups had a scavenger hunt around the school. Groups of students worked together to take pictures of various items found in and around the school. Some examples were:
- someone who has a birthday in March
- symbol of a college sports team
- inside of a locker
- a coach
- a license plate with the number “5” in it
- use human letters to spell “FCMS”

The teams cooperatively worked to determine which items to find and how to locate them within the allotted time. Each item was assigned a point value and the following were the winning groups: Panther Purple Team A – Bella, Dakota, Thayne, Carson
Panther Black Team A – Bob, Kellan, Aiyana, Teneal
Panther Silver Team A – Dawson, Nic, Jake

The Panther Black Circle of Friends had the most points with 138! Congratulations Bryan, Bob, Jordyn, Kellan, Aiyana, Tenal, Hunter!

  • Posted November 22, 2016

Fairview manor thanksgiving crafts

The 5th grade collaborated with Fairview Manor residents to create Thanksgiving crafts. We had a fabulous time creating pumpkins and feathered turkeys while talking about the many things we are thankful for.

  • Posted November 15, 2016


On December 2nd, the PreK - 4th grade winter music program will be streamed live online. You can access the StrivTV link by going to the Fillmore Central website. The event will start at 7:00pm with a performance by the TYKE preschool students. Thank you to our high school StrivTV students for making this possible.

  • Posted November 11, 2016

Veteran's day program

Veteran's Day Program at Fillmore Central High School. Thank you to speakers Martin Seward, Nick Wollenburg and Cheryl Myers. Thank you to ALL Veterans past, present and future for serving our country!​

  • Posted November 10, 2016

Red Ribbon Week Observed at Fc Elementary and Middle School

The Fillmore Central Elementary and Middle School participated in the nation-wide observance of Red Ribbon Week October 24th-28th with this year’s theme, “Team Up Against Drugs and Bullying”. Red Ribbon Week is a nationally recognized effort to encourage students to say No to drug use and bullying. The week was kicked off for the middle school students on Friday, October 21st with an assembly featuring ex-Husker and pro football player, DeMoine Adams. He challenged students to Speak Up, Step Up and Team Up against drug use and bullying behavior. Also announced at the assembly was the winner of the poster contest, which was made into a permanent banner designed by Hunter Verhage. On Monday, the Red Ribbon flag was raised at the elementary school and on Tuesday students and staff wore red and recited the drug free pledge together. Middle school students wore red on Monday and Mrs. Stengel’s pride was chosen as the “most red” pride group! Each day students participated in special activities and were given small items such as pencils, bookmarks and stickers to remind them to “Team Up Against Drugs and Bullying”. The Bully Free pledge was read over the intercom by students in both the elementary and the middle school. On Thursday, students at the elementary wore panther shirts and had an assembly to wrap up the week. The elementary winner of the poster contest, Katrina Frook was announced and the banner that was designed by her will be displayed in the elementary hallway. Middle school students participated in Mix it Up at Lunch day on Thursday, where they were given a number to assign them to a random group of students to sit by at lunch. This was an activity to encourage students to get to know other students in their class and to “Be a Friend, Not a Bully”.

  • Posted October 14, 2016

Personal Finance Students Participate in Mock Job Interviews

Tuesday, October 25, found many Fillmore Central High School students arriving at school in professional dress clothes as they prepared for participation in the annual mock job interview unit conducted in the Personal Finance classes.

Earlier in the quarter, students reviewed the proper techniques in completing written job forms and then set to work to fill out an application blank, update their resume, and prepare a job application letter. Students had been given a variety of pretend positions that a high school student might find available in the local area.

Community representatives assisting with the actual mock interviews included J.D. Korbelik from Certified Truck and Trailer, Sherri Rohrig from Picture This Photography, Keith Shellhase from Geneva Implement, Abby Tuberville from Fillmore County Hospital, Karrie Waldron from York State Bank, and Beverly Barthule, retired administrator.

Personal Finance instructor Cindy Talley shared, “The mock job interview unit is one which many students later share was a very beneficial aspect of this class. The community interviewers give positive feedback every time they visit and are very helpful in providing constructive suggestions for future improvement.”

  • Posted October 14, 2016

7th Grade Math

The 7th grade math students just completed discussion and construction of geometric designs. The students learned how to inscribe triangles, squares, pentagons, and hexagons. Students were then encouraged to create their own design or recreate one found on the internet.​

  • Posted October 5, 2016

2016 Homecoming

  • Posted September 19, 2016

students share computer skills with Heritage crossings' residents

Students from Mrs. Biba’s Human Development class visited the Heritage Assisted Living facility on Friday, September 16 to share computer skills with the residents. While the students initially planned to share how to set up a Facebook account, they broadened their scope to other computer applications. Following the lead of the individual residents, they demonstrated what their laptops were capable of doing and showed them some sites and applications that the residents might enjoy using. The students enjoyed applying some of the information and skills that they had recently learned in their unit on aging as a part of the human life cycle.

  • Posted September 21, 2016

2016 pink out

Fillmore Central celebrated PINK OUT for Breast Cancer Awareness this week for their home games! #pantherpride.

  • Posted September 16, 2016

4th Grade Attends AgVenture Day

The fourth graders attended AgVenture Day on September 12th at the Fillmore County Fairgrounds. The event included stations such as Wow that Cow, Feed Rations, Animal Byproducts, Animals - horse, cow, and sheep, Great Grains, Roping, and Ogallala Aquifer. The students enjoyed a hamburger lunch and were sent home with goodie bags.

We want to thank the UNL Extension Office and the South Central Cattle Women's Association and all of the sponsors of the event. The fourth graders learned about agriculture while having fun!