Life-Long Learners.

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Excellence. Responsibility. Life-Long Learners.

The mission of Fillmore Central Public Schools is to provide all students the opportunity and support to achieve excellence, develop responsibility, and become life-long learners.


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Live Stream

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Senior year is busy with class papers, college applications and visits, scholarships, and graduation. No need to worry when you have a list of available scholarships at your fingertips.

Recent News

Hurricane Harvey

Fillmore Central Education Association (FCEA) wanted to help other schools that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

AgVenture Day

Our 4th grade students joined students from surrounding schools along with several members of the local FFA chapters to learn about agriculture

Display for Panther Pride

$50.00 each. Please make check payable to Fillmore Central Schools. Contact Denise Betts or 402-759-3141.

Sportsmanship Summit

Students recently attended the Southern Nebraska Conference Sportsmanship Summit in McCool Junction, Nebraska.

High School Student of the Month Award

FC January Student of the Month is Jordan Adams - nominated by Mr. VanDeWalle. Jordan is always a respectful students to his classmates and to me. He constantly works hard and achieves success in my class because he is diligent to understand the materials. He is easy to get along with and is enjoyable to have in class. Also nominated by Denise -Jordan is hard working student. He is dedicated to getting good grades and is willing to put in the time to earn them. Jordan is willing to ask for help and does his work in a timely manner. He is respectful, friendly and has a positive attitude. Jordan has put in the time applying to college and applying for scholarships.

Middle School Students of the Month Award

5th grade: Alena Zahirovic
Alena uses her time during class and at study halls effectively so she can get her work done and take advantage of getting help. Alena listens nicely to others even if their ideas are different then hers.

6th grade: Alexandra Howell
Alex worries about herself, but cares for others. She never needs reminders of what a good student does and sounds like. Alex listens when adults are talking and when other classmates are sharing ideas.

7th: Faith Engle
Faith works hard in class. She takes good notes and helps others with their projects. Faith is polite to others and helps them out. She practices good safety in all areas of the school.

8th grade: Alexia Dittmer
Alexia is a person who every single day walks into my classroom with a great attitude, likes to give me and the other teachers in the room a bad time, and simply makes being around her a fun experience. In addition, Alexia works hard on every assignment, even when it's tough or challenging. She never quits.

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