• Posted February 2, 2017

UNL Business Competition Day

Sixteen Fillmore Central FBLA members traveled to Lincoln to attend UNL Business Competition Day on Wednesday, February 1. The day began with a short presentation about the new College of Business Administration’s new building which will open in August. Most of the morning consisted of each student competing in two events. Seniors Aaron Poppert and Stephanie Babella participated in a mock job interview as one of their two events.

A highlight was Fillmore Central’s stellar performance in the Division II Business Quiz Bowl competition. The FC team consisting of Stephanie Babella, Aaron Poppert and Ryan Poppert handily won three preliminary rounds in their bracket to face off with students from Columbus Lakeview in the finals. The team was victorious to claim the first place plaque.

After the quiz bowl, an award session was held during which the following Fillmore Central members received recognition: Aaron Poppert, 3rd and Stephanie Babella, 5th in Parliamentary Procedure; Ethan Reinsch, 4th and Ryan Poppert, 5th in Introduction to Financial Math; and Darren Shroyer, 5th in FBLA Principles and Procedures.

Other students attending included Maddy Bonin, Sophia Frook, Caleb Gardner, Brock Godown, Alia Hurst, Faith Lauber, Amy Maciel, Maggie Maffin, Braden Myers, Abbey Parten, and Tori Stoldorf. The Fillmore Central students were accompanied by Adviser Cindy Talley.

Over 400 students from 31 schools ranging in size from Class A to D were in attendance.

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