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Excellence. Responsibility. Life-Long Learners.

The mission of Fillmore Central Public Schools is to provide all students the opportunity and support to achieve excellence, develop responsibility, and become life-long learners.


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Recent News

Hurricane Harvey

Fillmore Central Education Association (FCEA) wanted to help other schools that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

AgVenture Day

Our 4th grade students joined students from surrounding schools along with several members of the local FFA chapters to learn about agriculture

Display for Panther Pride

$50.00 each. Please make check payable to Fillmore Central Schools. Contact Denise Betts or 402-759-3141.

Sportsmanship Summit

Students recently attended the Southern Nebraska Conference Sportsmanship Summit in McCool Junction, Nebraska.

High School Student of the Month Award

April Student of the Month is Macy Scott nominated by Mrs. Ellis. Macy is a very responsible student. She completes her work on time and takes care of her work ahead of time when she knows that she will be absent. She does quality work consistently in the classroom, is attentive, and participates well in class on a regular basis. Macy is pleasant to all students in class and very respectful to staff.




Middle School Students of the Month Award

5th Grade: Jarin Tweedy

Jarin always has all items for class and is never reminded to get something from his locker. He shows respect by always saying thank you and speaks to adults in a polite manner. Jarin is also friendly to his classmates and when given instructions, he responds quickly and without complaint. Congratulations Jarin!!

6th Grade: Megan Silva

Megan goes out of her way to greet students and staff throughout the day and I can always count on a "Have a great weekend" from her before she leaves on Fridays. Megan takes the time to work on assignments during her study hall and even at home if she needs to. Megan truly lights up a room with her smile and "do my best" attitude. Congratulations Megan!

7th Grade: Elijah Myers

Eli's efforts in my FCS class last fall were great and he continues to be a bright spot during my Health class. Last fall in FCS, he just kept putting for his best effort when sewing despite the considerable difficulties imposed by a cast on his right hand when doing this kind of work. In my heath class, he helps take notes for students who are absent. He is always respectful to me and his classmates. Congratulations Eli!!

8th Grade: Isaiah Lauby

Isaiah has showed a lot of growth and maturity over the past couple of years. He is a pleasure to have in class and is a good classmate to his peers. He is always willing to help out in whatever way that you need. He is kind, smart, knowledgeable, and willing to work to achieve his goals. Isaiah has chosen to be a better student by being more attentive in class and not lose focus so easily. Isaiah is a great role model for younger kids to look up to. Congratulations Isaiah!!

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