Board of Education Information

Board Members

Shaun Farmer, President

Chad Engle, Vice President

Christin Lovegrove, Secretary

Whitney Peppard, Member

Scott Schelkopf, Member

Adam Wallin, Member

Fillmore Central Public School's Grading Policy

The primary purpose of grading is to summarize and to communicate, as accurately as possible, the academic performance of students to families, to educators, to employers, to post-secondary institutions, and to the students themselves. A grade should only reflect what students know and are able to do in a course of study as measured against pre-determined standards and criteria after they are provided an opportunity to learn. Therefore, formal grading and reporting are to be primarily based upon individual performance on summative, standards-based assessments, after students are provided the opportunity to learn. Non- academic factors such as attitude, attendance, behavior, and work completion are valuable and should be communicated to others, but such factors shall not factor into the methodology for determining individual grades. We strive for summarizing and communicating student performance in a manner that is fair and accurate. Increasing the fairness and accuracy in our approach to grading will also raise the level of awareness and accountability for learning for our students, parents, and school alike. Some classes may be graded as pass/fail. If so, they will be expected to adhere to the FCPS Grading Policy.