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The board hired BVH in February 2023 to conduct an initial facilities audit of the district. There were two parts to this audit: BVH went through each building and building system, and met with staff to listen and gather input on our current educational alignment within our facilities. 

We've already held two community meetings, during which we presented the findings of a comprehensive Facility Audit and Educational Alignment Study. These studies have identified critical needs within our school facilities and proposed potential solutions to meet those needs effectively.

During community meeting #2, the Fillmore Central Board of Education and BVH asked for community input about our facilities. We have received results from our survey and had good participation (365 Responses).  The results are posted to the left under the Community Survey Responses button. The board will continue to meet throughout the summer using information from the first two meetings, the survey, and information from the facility audit and educational alignment study to begin narrowing possible options and working to find the right project size and cost.  We will hold another community meeting toward the end of the summer or soon after we come back to school to show you our summer progress.

Thanks for your participation in this process.

We will try to keep current and past information on this landing site.