Enrollment Option Information

Option Enrollment Deadlines

Fillmore Central School District is currently able to accept more option enrollment students for the 2024-25 school year.  We feel we have a lot to offer students in academics, the arts, athletics, and other opportunities. Students from outside our district may enroll in Fillmore Central once approved through the option enrollment application process.

If someone you know might be interested in enrolling a child(ren) at Fillmore Central, please have them call the superintendent’s office at 402-759-4955.  Families should have their option enrollment paperwork filed and approved before March 15, 2024.  If students miss that deadline, permission from their home district to be released in order to transfer is required.

If High School students are accepted after March 15th, they would still have to meet a May 1st deadline for NSAA to be immediately eligible for activities in the fall.

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