Over the course of a couple weeks in February, several of Fillmore Central’s FFA members competed in district CDE’s (Career Development Events). On February 16th, 8 of our members competed against over 100 different contestants in four different welding competitions at York High School. Jorden Engle (4th place) and Dylan Gewecke (24th place) competed in GMAW-Wire. Mason SImacek (3rd place) and Cole Nedrow (7th place) competed in Oxygen Acetylene. Brecken Hoban (3rd place) and Jackson Turner (7th place) competed in SMAW-Stick. Finally, Bryson Hafer (9th place) and Carlos Andujo (24th place) competed in GTAW-TIG. Mason Simacek, Cole Nedrow, Jorden Engle, and Brecken Hoban placed 2nd as a team and qualified to compete at State.

The remaining CDE competitions were held at Centennial High School on February 28th. Three teams made of all Freshmen members competed in Agriscience with two individual members receiving purple ribbons. Team one earned 13th place and consisted of McKenzie VanDeWalle (purple ribbon), Alexis Saatmann (purple ribbon), Chase Myers, and Addison Treinen. Team two earned 21st place and consisted of Jaret Potthoff, Jaci Howell, Zach Korbelik, and Kagen Girmus. Team three earned 30th place and consisted of Haley Reinsch and Landyn Stephenson. Two teams competed in Agronomy with five members receiving purple ribbons, one member receiving blue, and two members receiving red. Team one earned 2nd place along with an opportunity to
compete at State and consisted of all Junior members; Brecken Hoban (purple ribbon), Bryson Hafer (purple ribbon), Carlos Andujo (purple ribbon), and Blake Nun (purple ribbon). Team two placed in the 9th spot was made up of Juniors Wyatt Rayburn (purple ribbon), and Domonic Harding (red ribbon) as well as Sophomores Treygan Kramer (blue ribbon) and Makin Girmus (red ribbon). One team and three individuals competed in Ag Technology and Mechanics. The three individuals were Luke Kimbrough (red ribbon), Dylan Gewecke, and Jaret Potthoff. The team that competed earned first place and qualified for State. This winning team was made up of Seniors Mason Simacek (purple ribbon,1st place) and Jorden Engle (purple ribbon, 2nd place), as well as
Juniors Cole Nedrow (red ribbon) and Jackson Turner (blue ribbon). There was one team and one individual that competed in Floriculture. The team earned 9th place and consisted of Junior Mackenzie Mumm, Sophomore Bailey Hafer (red ribbon) as well as Freshmen Jayden Stofer and Alexis Saatmann. The individual competitor was Freshman Haley Reinsch. An 8th place team of Food Science competitors consisted of Freshmen McKenzie VanDeWalle (purple ribbon) and Ella Cook (red ribbon) as well as Junior Mackenzie Mumm and Senior Reyna Hafer. There were two teams that competed in Environment & Natural Resources. Team one was State-Qualifying with a 6th place finish. The team was made up of all Junior members; Brecken Hoban (blue ribbon) Carson Asche (red ribbon) Lilly Srajhans and Bryson Hafer. The second team was made up of Freshman Chase Myers, Sophomore Brenner McCann-Coen, and Junior Markey Hinrichs. There were two teams who competed in Livestock Management. Team one earned a red ribbon and was made up of Senior Faith Engle, Juniors Carson Asche and Blake Nun and Freshmen Kagen Girmus and Jayden Stofer. The members of team two were Freshmen Ellie Janing, Jaci Howell, and Austyn Nun, as well as Sophomore Brenner McCann-Coen. There was one team that competed in Meat Evaluation. The team consisted of Sophomores Peyton Komenda, Waylon
Rayburn, Cooper Schelkopf, and Bailey Hafer, and the team earned 6th place. There were two Veterinary Science teams; team one earning 14th place and team two earning 18th place. Team one was made up of Freshmen Ellie Janing, Austyn Nun, and Ella Cook, as well as Sophomore Waylon Rayburn. Team two’s members were Freshman Addison Treinen, and Sophomores Peyton Komenda and Cooper Schelkopf. Finally, there were two teams who competed in Nursery and Landscape. Team one was State-Qualifying and the team was made up of Sophomores Treygan Kramer (red ribbon) and Makin Girmus as well as Juniors Carlos Andujo, and Markey Hinrichs. The second team earned 7th place and was made up of Freshman Landyn Stephenson, and Juniors Lilly Srajhans, Wyatt Rayburn, and Domonic Harding.

We are very proud of all of our members’ hard work in each of their competitions
as well as the results they each earned.

Photo: District CDEs - FFA members Makin Girmus, Wyatt Rayburn, Carlos Andujo, and Bryson
Hafer crops, weeds, and insects as part of the Agronomy Career Development Event.