Senior Leadership Day

The senior class gained leadership training at The Leadership Center in Aurora on Sept 7. The goal for the event was to help them be successful with what life has for them after high school, no matter what their plans are for after their life in high school.  

Topics taught during the workshop setting included; how to make a good first impression and why first impressions are important, financial management advice for young adults living on their own, interview and resume tips, and proper methods of completing applications.  Senior Chelsa Dawley stated,  “The leadership workshop was informative and provided multiple examples of how to be professional in an interview setting."  

A three course meal was served at The Leadership Center and they were taught proper meal etiquette for eating in a formal, professional, or business setting.  “The workshop gave life skills for the future, like learning how to budget money, properly set a table service, and interview skills” shared senior Devin Uldrich.

The seniors had positive feedback from the event.  Staff who attended were Ryun Theobald, Haley Hoarty, and Kurt VanDeWalle. They were also pleased with the content and activities and participated in the training.